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Ms. Dawsher Charles

Youth Representative

Dawsher Charles is the founder and Managing Director of Survival Scholars.  Survival Scholars is a social enterprise that empowers students to cope in a healthy, positive and productive manner and build their social and emotional resilience.

Dawsher is known as the resilience warrior as she has used her struggles to gain her strength to be successful.  From experience with youths over 5 years, she recognized that youths are unable to positively cope with life’s challenges and as such, they may engage in maladaptive behaviours including sexual involvement.

As a result, Dawsher believes that it is essential to teach students social and emotional learning so they can develop their self-control to practice wise sexual and reproductive health.  She is the member of Education for Youth Government of Trinidad and Tobago as she believes change can be championed through the education system.  As the lead of community and outreach of the League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Dawsher encourages social entrepreneurship so that youths can strategize solutions for the problems they experience in society today.   She also enjoys spending time in nature and her favourite colour is yellow.

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