Research shows that when people talk to each other they are more inclined to perform healthier behaviours be it taking up a health service or learning and/or participating in a new activity.
So, call FPATT today to find out how you can get involved in the positive work that we do and tell a friend and bring them too.

The Adopt a Community is an initiative of FPATT with the objective to increase access to critical sexual and reproductive health services to men, women and young people within reproductive age in underserved and urban poor communities. Through a Deed of Covenant or other form of agreement, the donor provides financial support for the delivery of SRH services for a community of choice for a minimum period of one year.

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Become a Volunteer

Community Based Health Volunteers (CBHV) are very familiar with where underserved clients live and work and understand the barriers that prevent them from receiving healthcare services. CBHVs also provide support and encouragement to ease their fears increasing access to the health services they need. FPATT provides formal training for the CBHV to work confidently in their communities equipping them with the required knowledge and skills needed to help reduce some of the most pressing health care difficulties in their communities.

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By contributing five thousand dollars (TT$5,000) the donor will enable thirty-four (34) women living in underserved communities, who have never had cervical cancer screening, to access this service free of charge.

We offer a female health package which consists of a cervical cancer screen (pap smear or visual inspection with acetic acid VIA), manual breast examination, urine test for sugar and albumen, blood pressure and weight checks.

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Become a Member

There are many ways in which you can be involved in the work of the Association. One of these is to become a member and join the growing community of individuals who support our work. Our current members include academics, teachers, activists, and many citizens interested in our mission. The annual membership fee is $200 Trinidad and Tobago dollars or Life Membership with a one-time fee of $1000. Membership benefits include:

  • Priority to take part in events and trainings organized by the FPATT;
  • Information about upcoming events such as conferences, open discussions and trainings organized by FPATT and other stakeholders including NGOs and universities;
  • The right to participate in the Annual General Meeting.

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Share Your Skills

We present opportunities where you are able to offer your skill set for the furtherance of the Association’s work.

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