The Collaborative HIV Adolescents Mental Health Programme (CHAMP)

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The Collaborative HIV Adolescents Mental Health Programme (CHAMP)

The Collaborative HIV Adolescents Mental Health Programme (CHAMP)


The Collaborative HIV Adolescents Mental Health Programme (CHAMP), a project under the Spotlight Initiative, has been adapted to deliver activities that equip Caregivers and Youth with several understandable prevention tools on gender-based violence (GBV), intimate partner violence (IPV), and comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). CHAMP is about building greater communication within families, using a culturally tailored training to our local experience, that provides a more focused approach with engaging material.


CHAMP aims to enhance parental decision-making, increase healthy and nurturing caregiver-youth relationships, improve youth participants’ ability to counter negative peer pressure and reduce sexual risk. Additionally, CHAMP will seek to transform and/or change unhealthy, negative gender norms of those participating in the programme, by promoting gender equitable attitudes and behaviours, while examining and deconstructing harmful gender norms.

Criteria for Families

  • Must have one parent/guardian/caregiver and one child/young adult per family present at all sessions.
  • Must be able to commit 2 to 4 hours per week to attend the CHAMP sessions.
  • The child/young adult must be between the ages of 12 to 24.
  • Families should be residing in one of the following districts: Tobago, Tunapuna/Piarco, or Rio Claro/Mayaro.


  • The entire CHAMP project will be conducted virtually via an online meeting platform. This is in accordance with the current restrictions on public gatherings due to the public health ordinance.
  • FPATT understands that some families may be unable to comfortably participate during the course due to technological limitations. As a result, FPATT can assist some families/individuals by providing them with devices and/or mobile hotspot as needed.
  • All sessions are conducted in the afternoon/evening time and/or weekends.

Please click here to apply. We look forward to having your participation.

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Contact Us

If there are any questions or queries, please email Kimberly Gilbert at or Marc Skinner at or Call/WhatsApp us at 1.868.710.6526.