Birth Control Services

Non-permanent Contraception:

Depo Provera
DEPO-Provera is an injectable form of birth control given every 3 months. Its active ingredient is a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone, one of the hormones used in some birth control pills. Progesterone is produced naturally by the ovaries during the second half of your menstrual cycle. DEPO-PROVERA is mostly 99% effective, making it one of the most reliable methods of birth control available today.


The birth control pill is sometimes referred to as 'the pill.' It is an oral contraceptive made up of synthetic oestrogen and progesterone hormones. It is highly effective in preventing pregnancy.

Male Condoms
The male condom is a covering that is placed over the penis to collect sperm when a man ejaculates or "cums." Apart from the female condom, it is the only contraceptive method that can protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. It also prevents unplanned pregnancy when used consistently and correctly.

Female Condoms
The female condom is a female barrier method which is safe and effective is used correctly and consistently. It has a high acceptability among women and men in many countries, and provides dual protection against the transmission of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancy. The female condom is made of the plastic polyurethane.

Contraceptive Creams, Jellies, Foams
These contain spermicides which are substances that kill sperm. When these contraceptives are put into the woman's vagina they block the entrance to the womb temporarily while the spermicides go to work killing any sperm that may be present in the vagina. They all come in containers with special applicators for inserting the right amount into the vagina.

Foaming Tablets and suppositories
Foaming tablets are little tablets which act like foam when inserted into the vagina. Contraceptive suppositories are little blobs of firm jelly which melt at body temperature. They act like contraceptive jelly or cream when inserted into the vagina.

IUCD stands for intra-uterine contraceptive device. It is a small device that is inserted into the uterus (womb) to prevent pregnancy. There are many kinds of IUCDs, but the kind used at the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT) is called the Copper T - a small flexible, plastic object with a fine copper wire wound around it for extra contraceptive effect. It is especially advantageous since Copper T requires little attention once in place.

Permanent Contraception:

Tubal Ligation
Tubal ligation is a permanent method of birth control. It is only recommended for women who are absolutely sure that they do not want any more pregnancies. This operation is successfully performed on millions of women all over the world. The method performed at the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago is the laparoscopic method. The laparoscopic method is a simple operation (usually about 20 minutes) by which the tubes are sealed off. Tubal ligation is the 'tying' of the tubes to prevent the egg from moving down into the womb. If the egg cannot reach the womb, fertilization will not take place and there will be no pregnancy.

A vasectomy is a permanent method of birth control. It is only recommended for men who are absolutely sure that they do not want any more children. The operation has been successfully performed on men all over the world. The doctor cuts the narrow tubes (vas deferens), preventing the sperm from travelling from the testes to the penis. Semen continues to be produced but it does not contain any sperm.


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